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Who I am

Creating spaces for nururting, belonging, and connection are my goals. A natural empath and as someone who fits into many different boxes, I am able to hold most people's experiences. 

I completed my 500-hour shiatsu training at Heartmind Bodywork in Boulder, CO. Over two years, I learned both the practical massage methods of shiatsu and had a comprehensive study of Chinese medicine and acupressure points. Since then, I have practiced Shiatsu in Oakland, Sebastopol, Washington, and currently in Nevada City, CA. My practice is based in traditional Zen shiatsu, and I incorporate tools from Esalen Massage, Thai Massage, and Cranio-sacral therapy. 

I also facilitate spaces for men and male-identifying folks and have a lot of tools to help men move through challenging life situations, uncover their emotions, and connect to their bodies. I co-run an organization called kinhood​ that has an online network and runs retreats and courses for men. 

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