Who I am

Creating spaces for nururting, belonging, and connection are my goals. A natural empath and as someone who fits into many different boxes, I am able to hold most people's experiences. 

I completeted my 500 hour shiatsu training at Heartmind Bodywork in Boulder, CO. I have a bachelor degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a masters degree in Integrative Ecological and Social Design. I believe in the healing powers of nature and community.

I facilitate spaces for men and male-identifying folks and have a lot of tools to help men move through challenging life situations, uncovering their emotions, and connecting to their bodies.

I, also, holding spaces for Jews wanting to reconnect with Judaism and use an earth-based lens in my approach. I also bring in Sephardic and Mizrachi Jewish culture through use of the oud (an arabic lute), cooking, and integration of my Moroccan heritage.