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Nurturing Touch

Shiatsu Massage Therapy
Nevada City, CA


About Me

A Facilitator, a healer, a lover of life, I embue every session with a lot of warmth, holding, and caring. To me the shiatsu treatment is a tool for me to help you feel more connected to your body and help move anything that is preventing you from thriving.

Shiatsu combines the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with a dynamic treatment utilizing acupressure points, stretching, and deep tissue.

My Treatments


Shiatsu Session in studio

Come visit me in my office in the heart of downtown Nevada City.

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Shiatsu Session at home

I can do home visits and bring my mat and other shiatsu gear to you. I love doing sessions in your home as you gain the added benefit that you don't need to get in a car, deal with traffic or anything beyond luxuriating in the healing space we have created.

Package of 5 shiatsu sessions

A series of 5 sessions to receive deeper work and work through chronic pain, injuries or trauma

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I have been recieving massages from Dor for several months now and from the very first session coming into his office I felt immediately at ease by his grounded, sweet peaceful energy. And that I could just trust, let go and recieve. And I recieved such a beautiful heartfelt massage with a blend of gentle to deep stretches. By the end I felt light in body and mind and not so much like the tension has been forced out of me but as I had been held in a space that allowed me to let go of the tension and stiffness as helped coax it out. Getting sessions on the regular with him as been such a balancing and positive schedule that I really look forward to. I'm hooked and I highly recommend! -Michael

Dor lead an excellent experience for me during our Shiatsu sessions.  The care, and interest with which he inquired about my body and areas of concern, was very comforting and helped direct the session well.  His work on my body was relaxing and truly healing.  He also provided a variety of exercises for me to work on after the session, which I still enjoy doing.  His personal warmth and professionalism is also noteworthy -  I hope he comes back to Boulder soon so I can get additional sessions!

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224 Main St. Nevada City, CA 95959

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